Accommodation in Kragujevac Posted June 22, 2015


There is a wide variety of accommodation options in Kragujevac, from large capacity hotels, to small hotel facilities, to lodging in guest houses. The city of Kragujevac and its hotels will primarily please those guests looking for comfortable accommodation, convenient hotel locations, the vicinity of hotels to business areas and fair events, sports happenings and cultural and historic landmarks.

The hotels in Kragujevac may not be able to boast of the highest number of stars, but they surely can be commended for their remarkable level of hospitality and courtesy. If you need a beautiful room, that is spacious and tastefully furnished, with a calm and pleasant ambience for you and your business partners, the best hotel where you can find exactly that, is considered by many to be the Hotel Anđelika. The Bed and Breakfast accommodation service with self-catered breakfast buffet, beautiful rooms, excellent location, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, helpful and courteous staff – these are the features of this hotel. Near the hotel are the city center, Šumadija fair, the Great Park, sports grounds and swimming pools (outdoor and indoor pool), Šumarice Memorial Park and the Šumarice lake, just to name a few, as well as many other opportunities for interesting activities.

When you feel like having a delicious lunch in Kragujevac, or dinner, you have at your disposal restaurants such as “Oranica”, “Lovac”, “Pevac”, “Prestonica”, “Vodenica” and many others. Whether you’re into traditional Serbian restaurants, or you love international cuisine, you will surely find a cozy place to spend your time and assure yourself in the skillfulness of Kragujevac caterers. What is the best option for accommodation in Kragujevac? Private accommodation or hotel? The answer is simple. It’s the one where you feel the most comfortable, and the one that exceeds your expectations. For start, visit Kragujevac