Congress tourism Posted June 22, 2015


Naturally one can come to the city of Kragujevac for vacation, socializing, learning about the largest city in the Šumadija region and its surroundings, but very often it may also be for business related reasons. Visiting business partners, fairs, seminars, attending congresses, together with other forms of organized meetings and presentations – these are often the motives for coming to Kragujevac. Since the opening of the Šumadija Fair exhibition hall, and being that there are various other types of venues available for seminars, educational and promotional events, or simply for colleague get-togethers, associates or field-specific experts, Kragujevac is certainly seeing an increase in visitors.

The Hotel Anđelika is in that sense of interest to both the people whose task is planning promotional events, presentations and meetings, as well as to those coming to Kragujevac in order to simply visit a fair, a seminar, a congress. The first ones we can accommodate by offering the space for presentations, promotions, co-worker gatherings, or business meetings in an intimate and pleasant ambience. In our meeting room you have at your disposal : free Wi-Fi, a projector and a projection screen, a board and a flip chart, and also coffee breaks and visitor parking are organized, of course with the possibility of overnight stay for all visitors (Bed & Breakfast service)

To people who are simply staying in Kragujevac to visit a fair, congress, seminar, presentation, we can offer comfortable accommodation, delicious breakfast and a professional service, and all that at a great location in the city. In other words, if you are a guest in Kragujevac for vacation, work, education, socializing, celebration or any other reason, our doors are always open for you.

Welcome !