Since 2005 the City Tourist Organization “Kragujevac” has been dedicated to working on properly promoting the city of Kragujevac and its tourist offer, while making timely announcements about all events relating to culture, economy, sports and other areas relevant to tourism, as well as giving the right information to city visitors about where to stay in Kragujevac. Useful information about accommodation offered by the city can be obtained on the organization’s website, more precisely the info about the city’s hospitality facilities. These include mainly the hotels in Kragujevac, but also various kinds of privately-owned accommodation options, among which the ones that stand out are the village households and rural tourism in general. As for the hotels, along with the ones with large capacities, there including the Hotel Kragujevac, Hotel Šumarice and others, the CTO “Kragujevac“ is also promoting smaller hotels located in the city center, and the Hotel Anđelika is just that. In the opinion of many visitors of Kragujevac, whether it be foreigners or not, younger or senior guests, businessmen, athletes, artists, or simply tourists, the finest hotel and the best service you can find in it, in Kragujevac it is exactly the Hotel Anđelika.

So if you’re coming to Kragujevac, on the website of the City Tourist Organization “Kragujevac“ www.gtokg.org.rs you can easily find all necessary information in one place: you can learn a little about the city itself, about current events and manifestations in it, you can acquire useful service information and of course a suggestion, a presentation, an offer on the subject of accommodation in Kragujevac. We hope that the hotels Kragujevac, Šumarice, Zelengora and all others will meet your expectations in case you choose any of them, and we trust that Kragujevac will appeal to you and that you will gladly revisit our city. Nevertheless, when talking about accommodation, our recommendation certainly is – the Hotel Anđelika.